Q & A with Grant Nelson

Friday, 21 August 2015

Q: Why do you think events like Back To 95 are so popular?

That's easy - the music! There was a vibe around that era that was special, producers were experimenting with new sounds and there was a healthy mix of brilliant vocals and vicious dubs. Almost 20 years later and that quality still shines through.

Q: What do you think was the key to the success of the garage era in the 90s?

Well aside from what I mentioned above there was a real community feeling in the garage scene which doesn't happen all that often with dance music.

Q: What would you say to those who think garage is dead?

Nothing dies!

Q: Most people tend to believe that "their" era of music was the best and that modern day music just can't compare. Do you feel that way about the 90s, or do you think the current output from the UK 'urban' music scene is just as good?

Personally I 'd say that dance music generally became pretty stale during the latter part of the last decade. It just seemed like everybody was playing it safe and as a result there was a lot of mediocre music around. That has been totally flipped on it's head in the past couple of years and the current breed of producers have brought it back home. I was saying to somebody last year that I get the same feelings listening to some of the new records now as I got back in the late 80's hearing rave music for the first time.

Q: As a DJ who champions all kinds of house n; garage flavas, are you a fan of genres that followed like grime and dubstep?

To be honest I never really followed the grime or dubstep scenes when they broke as they didn't instantly grab me. There have been some incredible records in both genres but I wouldn't say that I was a fan of either.

Q: What are some of the high/low points of your career?

High : Being able to do what I love for the past 23 years!
Low : Getting screwed over by people in this business that you thought you could trust.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Dig deep for your music. Don't just play what everybody else is playing. If you really want to stand out bring some beats to the table that makes other DJs go "What the fuck!" ;)

Q: What’s next for you in terms of your music and more?

On the DJ front I've got a lot of international touring coming up, North & South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Russia etc as well as playing at Glastonbury for the first time this year. My bi-weekly radio show "Housecall" is doing really well and now reaches over 3 million people on a regular basis so we're taking it on the road to do some "Housecall" events around the globe later this year. Studio wise I'm busy with my recently launched label Freeze Dried and with forthcoming releases on Swing City. There's also a bunch of remixes on the table that need to be done and the forthcoming re-birth of one of my old alias' that I think everybody at Backto95 will remember ;)

Q: Finish the sentence. A good set starts with....?

Nerves. The butterflies make you work for it!

Q: And ends with...?

A big fat smile :)

Q: What track should we be listening to as we heard out the door to Back To 95 ?

Tonja Dantzler - "In & Out Of My Life" (AV8 Mix) Tique Records (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d05D2fc7DQw)

Grant Nelson headlines the Back To 95: Summer Old Skool Sessions on Saturday July 6th alongside Mike 'Ruff Cut' Lloyd,Hermit, Daryl B, Chris Lavish; MC Hosts: Buzzard, Creed, Rankin DT and CKP plus Kym Mazelle Live. There's also an Old Skool Jungle Classics Room with Top Buzz, Jumping Jack Frost and friends at Club Colosseum, Vauxhall. All info www.backto95.com or www.facebook.com/backto95
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