Q & A with Robbie Craig

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Q: Are you looking forward to coming back to play/play for the 1st time at the Back To 95
Summer Old Skool Sessions party and what are your best Back To 95 memories?

Yeah, I’m looking forward to playing the Summer Old School Sessions party as for me it’s where at all started and it’ll be nice to be alongside all my old garage pals. The crowd is always buzzing at the 95 parties.
I’ll be singing a new track that’s just breaking called "Tell Me" along with a couple of my old classics such as "Lessons In Love”, “Better Man” and “Women Trouble”.

Q:  As one of the founding fathers of the UK garage scene in the 90’s, how did it all kick off for you and what are the favourite tunes your recorded at that time?

My first garage tune was a track called "Goodbye" which got signed to Public Demand and the rest is history! Further big tracks such as “Lessons”, “We Can Make It Happen”, “Who’s The Better Man”, “15 Candles”, “ NitroDust”, “L O V E Feeling”, “I’m Yours” with Shola Ama and “Falling”. All of these tracks I wrote and put out with the Public Demand label.

Q: Do you have any ambitions left that you would like to achieve and why?

My ambition is to "Enjoy life and not take music to serious any more!!”

Q: Do you have any favourite tunes that you have recorded and if so why? Who has championed your sound and what are your biggest achievements to date?

My favourite tune has to be “Women Trouble” and not because it was a big hit, but because when I wrote it with Artful Dodger, I was laughed at by a few people because of the title. Little did they know!

Q: Has the digital revolution helped you keep your name out there and what do you think of music industry right now?

The music business has obviously changed with the times, and the biggest problem these days is record companies tend to sign someone because they have been on a TV show rather than finding raw talent. It’s all media driven!

Q: What are your plans for the the rest of the year?

My plans for the rest of the year are to get some tunes out with the guys from the Soulshaker.

Q: Is there anything fun or wacky that we don’t know about you?

I own a small holding in the country and have a stable yard, so these days I smell more like horse shit than champagne! Also living near Goodwood I’m learning to fly and another hobby of mine is fast cars. All boys stuff really!

Robbie Craig headlines the Back To 95 Summer Old Skool Sessions with DJ Spoony on Saturday August 27th at Fire & The LightBox Complex. Others headline guests include Victor Simonelli, Norris ‘The Boss’ Windross, Ramsey & Fen (Birthday set), Mike
‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd plus MC’s: DT, Buzzard, Creed, PSG and Rankin and Live, Janet Rushmore - (the voice of “Joy/Try My Love”). For all info at www.backto95.com or facebook back to 95.