Q&A With Ramsey & Fen

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ahead of their set at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse on 5th March, we had a quick catch up with Ramsey and Fen to see where they’re at right now.

UKG pioneers Ramsey and Fen first joined forces over two decades ago on Freek FM, where the pair fronted prime time Saturday night radio show, ‘Freekzone’. A huge success, ‘Freekzone’ solidified their status as forerunners on the early UKG scene, and the two soon became recognizable champions of the movement. Following their stint on Freek FM, Ramsey and Fen went on to set up their own pirate radio station, London Underground - one of the first to focus on the emerging garage sound. The station acted as a platform for many emerging and talented artists of the time, and it was through London Underground that top DJs and Producers like Danny Foster, Hermit and pre-Dreem Teem Mikee B, Timmi Magin and DJ Spoony gained exposure and recognition for their work.

Following the success of London Underground, the two released a number of anthems, such as their rework of Kim Mazelle’s “Big Baby” and “Quality”. They also went on to set up BUG (British Underground Grooves) Records, working with MJ Cole on a series of vocal based tracks such as “Style” and their top record, “Lovebug”. Alongside developing and nurturing talent on BUG Records, the two now regularly play out at top nights across the country and continue to shape and promote the scene they helped to build. Ahead of their set for our 15th Birthday, we had a quick chat with Ramsey and Fen:

So a lot is going on for you at the moment – can you sum up where you’re at right now?
We are busy boys. At the moment there’s loads of production going on for our label “Bug Records”, much featuring our new artist signed to the Label, “Gabriella”, who is going down a storm. We are producing together as always and also enjoying doing some solo bits. We have delivered some big remixes for artists such as Natalie Gray, Kit Rice and Emily Kay, to name a few. Clubland is buzzing for garage again and we have some top events lined up including Backto95.

Going back to your roots, where did you grow up?
We were born and raised in Hackney & Harringay.

When did you first start taking music seriously?
For me [Fen] it was early 90s (1991), playing U.S House and Garage, and Ramsey in the late 80s playing Soul/Funk, then Juggle on defection and then Rush FM with some U.S Garage.

Do you have a favourite MC that you like to work with?
We don’t have a favourite - different styles for different sets I guess.

What’s your favourite venue?
We love playing at KOKO, of course, MOS, and also some great sets in Privilege Ibiza.

Any new producers to look out for in 2016?
Desire, Keep it Simple, Not Enough… and many more ☺

Three words to describe the Garage scene right now?
Sexy, Vibes, Energy

What’s the one track that you’re definitely going to drop at Backto95 on 5th March 2016?
Some absolute corkers in the bags… watch this Space. See you on the 5th March!