Q&A With Jason Kaye

Monday, 29 February 2016

For over two decades, Jason Kaye has well and truly owned the underground UK Garage scene.

He first exploded onto the scene with DJ Mikee B and MC Mad P as part of Top Buzz, promoting the DNB sound that was freshly emerging on the UK rave scene. While in Top Buzz, Jason achieved dance chart success with “Living In Darkness” EP on Basement Records that led to headline sets at Amnesia House, Fantazia and Dreamscape events, among others.

As the Jungle scene started to change, Jason started leaning towards playing House and Garage. He also partnered up with Steve Gurley and Russell Tait to produce a number of records on his own label, Social Circles, while also helping launch the career of double Brit award winner Ms Dynamite. Over the years, his efforts have won him the Dance Recognition Award for his contribution to the music scene, and he is twice winner of the Best Record Label Sidewinder Award!

So a lot is going on for you at the moment – can you sum up where you’re at right now?
I have been really busy with the relaunch of my label Social Circles, alongside writing and producing with singer Andy Taylor.

Going back to your roots. Where did you grow up?
North London, born and bred!

When did you first start taking music seriously?
I loved it at school and bought my first decks at 17 years old. The first track I bought was "Love Don’t Live Here Anymore" by Rose Royce - now that is showing my age! Lol.

When you first started playing out what music did you play?
I first started out playing Acid House with Top Buzz, then Hardcore, then Jungle, then DNB, always playing House at the same time, then Garage, and then UKG was born!

I’m always open to play new music - whatever I like and am feeling at the time.

Do you have favourite MC that you like to work with?
It would be really unfair to name but one as all the people I work with are amazing, there is some serious talent out there. For me as long as an MC or host can bring ‘the heat’ that’s all good with me.

What’s your favourite venue?
My favourite was always Coliseum, but I am really fond of Backto95 at GSS. It's always a proper old skool vibe. I can't wait to play there.

Any new producers to look out for in 2016?
Definitely! I am working with a lot of talented producers right now who are hot of the press - Mr Ceefigz and Muzik Man Carlos are proper doing it for me right now on the production tip!

What’s the one track that you’re definitely going to drop at Backto95 on 5th March 2016?
It has to be "Dreamlover" by Mariah!



Catch Jason Kaye at Backto95's 15th Birthday on 5th March 2015!