Q&A with Fabio & Grooverider

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Find out what happened when we caught up with Fabio & Grooverider earlier on in the week.

In the world of drum & bass there are few that acheive both the love and recognition as Fabio and Grooverider, and rightly so.

After coming together a quarter of a century ago, the two have made waves both across the airwaves and behind the decks, helping to activate an underground cultural movement and shape drum and bass as we know it.

We caught up with Fabio & Grooverider ahead of their set at Backto95 on 1st October.

Fabio & Grooverider! How's it going?

Hi, were great thanks, back from a busy schedule touring.

OK so you guys have been partnered up, for what, is it 26 years now? – that’s a pretty long time. Has there ever come a time where you’ve just thought that you’d had enough of one another?

No, we have a good working relationship , we get on well + we have our own separate DJ Careers so are not in each others pockets all the time. You both started out on Phase One.

You were playing different music back then - hip hop, rnb, soul - before you started playing house. What drew you to house music in those early years?

We used to go Record shopping and at that time it was something new and exciting, it was a new sound that nobody else was playing, so we thought we would try it out, from there it blew up!

Grooverider, it is said that you converted to house after hearing "Mysteries of Love" – why that track?

This was Fabio, this was the first track i ever brought , my local record shop played it to me , asked me if i liked it, i took it home and fell in love with the track. Moving forward slightly into the late 80s you guys did Energy, Biology, Sunrise - every big rave.

How did you become involved in those iconic rave nights?

We were good friends with the guys who used to sell tickets for the big raves, they hooked us up with the promoters and it all blew up from there.

And how do those nights compare to the club nights you play nowadays?

It's no different really, people are still there to enjoy themselves, theres always going to be someone who went out and had the best time of their lives! So in that respect nothing has changed!

Now everyone has their own style and tastes in music, no matter how similar - how much do your styles differ from one another and has this ever created any conflict?

Our styles are different and no its never created any conflict , its something that has always worked for us.

So you then went from rave to breakbeat, and started pushing out that jungle sound - how did that come about?

We were playing at Rage our weekly residency at Heaven , we started fuzeing breakbeat and house together and then we found the crowd were really the breakbeat more than the house sound, then little by little Jungle was born from this.

At the end of last year you were awarded Outstanding Contribution by DJ Mag (massive congrats!). Was that something you were expecting? And how did it make you feel?

We were honoured to receive it and it was nice to be given it by a publication which isn't noted for jungle and drum and bass.

You’re going to be playing some oldskool jungle on 01 Oct – name one tune that's guaranteed to get everyone up on their feet?

"we are iE"

Catch Fabio & Grooverider at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse on Saturday 1st October