Q&A with Top Buzz

Monday, 12 December 2016

For three decades now Top Buzz have been pioneers of the hardcore rave sounds that emerged from the early nineties.

Formed in 1988 by MC Patrick McPhee ("Mad P") and DJ Mikee B, Top Buzz started out playing at house events before being joined by DJ Jason Kyriakides ("Jason Jay" / "Jason Kaye") several years later. Most famous for their deep jungle techno, the trio have remained true to their roots and after a brief hiatus are back on the club scene to get the crowds rolling once more.

Before headlining Backto95’s Jungle stage this Boxing Day, we sat down with Top Buzz for a quick one to one.


You guys both grew in North London in the 80s, what kind of music did you grow up listening to, and how do you think it’s influenced the music that you play today?

I grew up listening to a bit of everything and liked soul, reggae and rare groove. Mikee and Patrick had a sound system called Funky Express.

How did you go about forming Top Buzz?

I met up with Mikee and Patrick on the Acid House seen back in ‘89 as ravers, and we decided to set up Top Buzz.

Nowadays a lot of DJs choose to perform without an MC, what do you think is the importance of having an MC on board?

It all depends on how good your MC is! It is very important to have a good MC on board because they hype up the crowd and really get the crowd going!

You guys are pretty well known for being the forerunners of ‘jungle techno’ which took off in the early nineties – particularly with tracks like "Livin' in Darkness". What drew you to that sound?

It was an edgy sound and at the time it was what we were into playing all over the country every week. Fast beats and rolling bass!

Have you ever diverged from the genre?

I have personally, by playing some House and Garage, but it all comes under the umbrella of House anyway. House is the mothership.

What do you think the Breakbeat/Jungle scene needs to do at the moment to keep on growing and progressing?

I think it is growing and progressing at the moment and is looking very strong.

You guys are quite an integral part of London’s music and nightlife scene, what do you think about the recent closure of Fabric and it’s subsequent reopening?

I think it was very bad to close it. I am so glad it is open again. I played there just before it closed with The BDL bass defence league and the atmosphere was spectacular. Amazing club.

Do you think the industry can learn a lot from what happened in terms of pulling together and supporting one another?

Absolutely. It is very important that we support each other.

And, last but not least, what have you got planned for us in 2017?

More recording in the studio with a Social Circles double album release in the spring and a Top Buzz release next year.