Artist Focus: Artful Dodger

Friday, 07 April 2017

Every musical movement has a set of individuals who are synonymous with its sound. For garage, it’s undoubtedly Artful Dodger.

Artful Dodger are the Southampton collective responsible for some of its most instantly recognisable and much-loved tracks. Nearly twenty years on from their breakout hit dropping, original member MC Alistair is still touring around the world with new member David Low - the main man responsible for signing Artful Dodger and introducing them to the masses back in the day.

Artful Dodger were originally known for their bootlegs, and dropped their first single “The Revenge of Popeye” in 1997. After a stream of other tracks dropping, including their first collaboration with Craig David, ‘Something’, it was the iconic ‘Re-Rewind’ in 1999 that propelled them to the mainstream. Released in 1999, the song reached number two in the UK, giving not only Artful Dodger, but also Craig David his first taste of chart success. "Re-Rewind" is notable for being the first record signed by influential label Relentless Records and as such the first one to establish the imprint as a pioneering force within mainstream music.

A string of top ten smash hits followed at the turn of the millennium, including “Woman Trouble”, “Please Don’t Turn Me On” and the classic “Movin’ Too Fast”. “Movin’ Too Fast” originally peaked at number 187 on the UK Singles Chart, but a remix released in early 2000 sent the song to number 2 on the official chart and number 1 on the UK Dance Chart. These are the tracks that defined a movement and a generation of music lovers.

Since their noughties heyday, Artful Dodger have continued to travel the world playing alongside some of popular music’s most respected names including Calvin Harris and Busta Rhymes. They also broadcast twice-weekly on their radio show to a global audience of dedicated music lovers.

This August, Artful Dodger will be bringing their garage classics to the Back To 95 stage at North London’s 51st State Festival. For tickets and more info head over here.