BIZZI started singing at a very young age, as the youngest child of Pentecostal Ministers. He learnt the fundamental parts of gospel and R'n'B vocals and how to play key instruments such as drums, keyboards, guitar and piano. After performing in church based and local secular bands, Bizzi was asked to join the UK R'n'B group RHTYHM &BASS as one of the lead vocalist and songwriter. The group achieved some success which included a tour of the USA in the 90's

Once back in the UK, BIZZI secured a recording contract with Parlophone (EMI ). He was fortunate to collaborate and perform alongside some of the worlds leading acts!

Whilst at Parlaphone, BIZZI released 'BIZZI'S PARTY' which proved very successful on the underground circuit and reached a national chart position with out any main stream radio play and it still gets played regularly throughout Europe.

More recently BIZZI has set up two companies: one is an award winning company called 'BAD MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT' BIZZI travels around the UK assisting young people as a vocal tutor and song writer, music production .This is to enable them to improve their talents' and also for BIZZI to pass on the industry knowledge he has accumulated over years.

The second is BME RECORDS: BME records founded 2009,Genre All good music.

Bizzi has proven over the years that he is one of the leading vocalists in the UK. His main focus is about completing his long awaited album which is guaranteed to make you take notice, of which you are sure to hear real soon.