DJ Listener is widely regarded as one of the best up & coming DJ's in the House & Garage circuit. His energetic style of mixing and unrivalled work ethic have seen him rise up amongst the rank of DJ's, to become an established fixture alongside the scenes elite. In 2012 he is a regular at "Back to 95", at numerous raves as well as his own new promotion "Listeners Choice".

This London born DJ first fell in love with the underground sound of H&G In 1997, when he stumbled across the Pirate radio Stations of the time:london underground, Freek FM 101.8, Chicago 90.6, Ice FM 92.7/ 88.4. These stations changed his musical taste completely, and led to him buying his first pair of decks in 2000. As a bedroom DJ he mastered the art of DJing with dedication and of course a natural talent., then In just three years Listener won his Universities DJ Competition at Kingston in 2003.

However it wasn't until 2005 that he began to take his mixing more seriously, as out of the blue his brother signed them up to join the largest Pirate radio station of the time Freeze FM 92.7. The pair became known as "Listener & Pressure" (Pressure is now called Jack Swift) and quickly began to amass a following. They also remarkably finished 1ST & 2ND in the Garage communities largest hub 2007 mix competition.

Since then DJ listener moved onto Subjam 104.7, and now is on or 103fm every Tuesday drivetime from 4 till 6pm. His musical style is influenced by the classic US House artists of the early nineties including: Victor Simonelli, Todd Edwards, Masters at Work, Kerri Chandler, and Jazz n Groove, as well as the UK's Tuff Jam, Dem 2, Anthill Mob to name a few.

When you catch DJ Listener in Clubland or on Radio you can expect seamless blending, and Impact style chopping of records that combines to give his sets a unique and highly energetic style that is amoung the very best.This DJ is a rising talent and definitly someone to keep an eye out for in the future

For more information please check:!/Listener