.... SOON COME YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE CKP!!!! I had been influenced by many,many people mainly guys on mics in dances ,raves etc.School for me was like going to a music academy, we would mc/chat/dj in class ,at break time ,lunch time even in the lessons,what great fun.Having gone to school in Brent music was the policy, at school Chucky Star/dolomite ,Suncycle famo ,Yootie General (Volcano sound) Colonal Fluff ,General Levy, Mc Neat plus many more made up the ,up and coming talent.i practiced in my youth to the sound system tapes ,the likes of Saxon,Volcano,Unity, Coxsone,Java, Soverign, Tippertone ,Young Lion,echotone, to name but a few,all had good ,mike men,papa levi, bubbler ranx, demon/badman ,tenor fly,tippa ,daddy willie,these were all good influences.Leaving school i hooked up with Mikey Breaks in Bridge(for those who dont know STONEBRIDGE NW10)to form a sound called "FAMILY" playing r&b, soul ,rare grooves, lover, revivals,ragga,with Melo,Trouble T , Harvey,bookings for the sound excelled till we were playing at parties,christnings,etc,it was on this circuit that i got to meet radio /djs/sound men in the area WEST LONDON like bushman, dj ratty,special edition,one love ,studio express with dodd & ali, all still doing their thing now.We were playing out most weekends, where i came across some friends of mine called Impact sound (RIP HEADS,TRIGGA T,YOUNGER B,MM, STEVIE WONDER &CUTIS GEE),i gained a little bit more respect, for my approach to mike work in entertaining the crowds with rhymes and lyrical flows,and we played with sounds such as latest edition,company,desi gee/barry white,kenny ranx dj legs,charmer/longers,robbo ranx (now 1xtra,then tippertone sound then music street .Although this was all good,i had a thirst for something a little different,where upon i went along to an audition with Mc Neat(class mate in school TRUE),the then unknown Mc Skibbadee,and a few i cannot remember around '92-'94(sorry) to get involved with the sound of the day Jungle tech/jungle hardcore/drim&bass,all the time i was adapting my style and flows.Being in charing cross the bright lights of the city were calling me.i was starting to feel more at home in the west end, i would rave hard in the west end ,and chill back the manor west london,chill to the street sounds playing in various locations houses,shubins ,mansions,, the good old days raving till eastenders do you remember those days???????? As jungle was doing it then , i had to adapt my rhymes/flows accordingly,but the door was firmly shut, i would listen to weekend rush,girls fm,kool fm and their stars like moose, five o,brokie ,dett nicky blackmarket,darren j,and rave at places like lee valley,gardening club,shaftsburys biology and ahhhh some many more places i cannot even remember ,oh yeh orage@hippadrome,spats monday club, raw club . Orange is were i got a real taste of being on stage in front of about 2000 people.MC MC/STEVIE HYPER D,(NUFF LOVE BRO)gave me a touch on the mic ,and loved my flavour, even though i would chat to myself on the dance floor and people would crowd round me saying"you should be up there with them guys "the doors were still closed. At this time i was putting out tapes tdk 90, c90s on street, with a jungle outfit we called ourselves the dream team ,(before the dreem team now, spooney ,timmi magic,and mikey b ,this was back in '93-'96).people were going crazy for the tapes week in week out ,members included dj illegal,lady mich,dj maddex(then dexter with farid ,more on that in the next installment),dj l,dj fats,the response was heavy ,skibba was just starting to get noticed when i said i goto do the same boy,i said i'll try something different again,this time "the sunday scene" ,yep you got it ,thats right the UKG scene. BECOMING CKP............. IN THE NEXT INSTALLMENT ...... .. .. ...... ..