At the tender age of 13 after soaking up the pirate station DJ’s skill of mixing 2 records together, came the inspiration, and some might say obsession, to attempt mixing 2 tracks together. Unlike today’s budding young DJ’s, his bedroom equipment consisted of one portable radio/tape player, an amplifier and a tape deck. After much experimenting EZ managed to pull off a few mixes from audio tape to audio tape!!  After several attempts he became frustrated at only being able to hold a mix for a short time due to lack of pitch control, so, with his electronics know how, he discovered a way of slowing down the pitch on the tape deck by lightly pushing on part of the tape decks inner workings (called the pinch roller) which is located very close to the tape deck heads.  After a few tries at this he became very good at locking 2 songs together. Longer mixes were now achievable!! (I bet there aren’t a lot of DJs who can say that they learnt to mix by doing that!).

With many achievements under his belt such as mixing the biggest UK Garage compilation to date, Pure Garage, with over 1.5 million sales to date.
Winning a total of 13 awards for Best DJ, Best Radio show over several ceremonies voted by the public and industry.
Has his own events where he plays 8 hour sets which attracts no less than 2000 clubbers each time.
Joined Kiss FM in 2000 and is still flying the flag for UK Garage with his weekly radio show over the past 13 years.