Brockney C



Originally from Birmingham, Brockney C is a DJ that plays sounds from a broad spectrum of genres mainly specialising in dance oriented music. It could be said his interest in this started before he even attended school, collecting records from when he was 4 years old and effectively creating mixtapes by recording the Top 40 on Sundays and pulling the tape back on the fly to edit out the talking....


Through the 80's he followed Hip Hop, Electro and Reggae then got interested in dance music when the Acid scene hit the UK around 1988. This developed into a passion for House, Rave and Jungle music and after an older lad on the estate 'donated' him a pair of decks (one with a home made pitch control) and a Tandy mixer, Brockney (then known as DJ Fusion because of the varied styles he liked to blend) began playing in some of the local youth clubs.


Whilst studying Music Technology at university he spent 3 years on Derby's pirate station Star FM that broadcasted across the East Midlands and also played everything from House and Jungle to R&B and Bashment in various clubs throughout the area.


After leaving university he fell in with the wrong crowd and made a number of mistakes in his life that landed him in prison. To his surprise they had a recording studio in the education block and after showing a genuine commitment to reform it became his job to teach Sound Recording to fellow inmates. This was a positive and life-changing experience for all involved.


Now well and truly settled in London, 'Brockney' came from a nickname given to him meaning 'Brummie Cockney' and when playing on London's House FM this hybrid accent comes out quite a lot! Brockney has worked on House FM for 3 years, delivering upfront, cutting edge music with a presentation style that serves to get listeners involved and interactive. In the last couple of years he has got himself firmly established on the London club scene and this is something that is continuing to grow. Having previously released two dance tracks on US label Audiobite Records, Brockney wishes to further progress with his production and now works as A&R for Groove Odyssey Records.