Mr Buzzhard

Mr Buzzhard is the resident host for back 2 95 and has worked at every one of the events to the present day.
He started his hosting career on the reggae and soul circuit on sound systems,before breaking into the garage
scene in 1993,not only is he known for his unique hosting style but is also a dj in his own right.

Famous for his radio presenting which started on london underground 89.4fm, he soon became a radio host
favourite and had guest show's and residencies on choice, kiss,. radio 1xtra, passion,shine879, centreforce,
livefmuk plus many others. Mr buzzhard is a household name at most leading garage and urban events,his
performances at some of the biggest and best club nights such as "numb nums", 'exposure","twice as nice"
"pure old school","sunday sessions "(faces gants hill), "world dance ", "stush"," aquarium sundays" has lead
him to not only being a successful uk artist but also established on the international circuit. His international
events included "dance valley"(amsterdam) "sweet" (munich) and other international countries such as north
and south cyprus as well as touring with MTV in many cities in countries such as Germany,spain,japan,south
korea,switzerland,poland, ireland and many others.

He is a cross genre DJ playing a diverse range of genres such as house and garage,deep house, 80's soul/r&b,
rare groove and old school. Not only has he been the voice of radio adverts for at least 20 years, but also a
favourite for leading artists providing personal jingles.

Buzzhard is known for having a great rapport with back 2 95 as well as many other audiences he works with,
he has a unique ability for making any crowd feel important and most essentially entertained.