Jumping Jack Frost

Jumpin’ Jack Frost – Bio

Bitten by the music bug at a tender age, South Londoner Jumping Jack Frost hit the DJ circuit at 18, mixing funk, hip hop and original breakbeats and diving into the acid house circuit via the Carwash nights in the late 80’s. When the rave scene exploded Frost was at its forefront, enjoying the freedom of going with the flow and mixing drastically different styles of music to suit the mood of the moment. Frost went on to headline many legendary events of the era including Sunrise and Energy. His friendship with Bryan Gee was formed when Frost heard Bryan’s diverse set in a small south London bar. Bryan left his promotions job at Outta Rhythm with some demos by then unknown Bristol artists Roni Size and Krust, the two teamed up and started their own label, V Recordings, to release them.

In 1993, Frost produced one of jungle’s most seminal anthems: ‘The Burial’. Recorded as Leviticus with a young engineer called Dillinja at the controls and Optical on the vocal mix, the sound was too hardcore for the experimental and cutting-edge V and Philly Blunt was formed. The exemplary rise of both labels is illustrated by the success of the ‘V classic’ album released in 1997 which confirmed Frost and Bryan as leading forces on the scene on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since then, Frost has concentrated on his DJ career, headlining at festivals like Reading, Homelands and Tribal Gathering and travelling the world, from Costa Rica to Tokyo, Vancouver to Moscow. With his unstoppable energy, his eclectic taste and distinctive mixing style, Jumping Jack Frost is still one of the most charismatic ambassadors of the scene.