CALL TO ACTION: EMBARGO Monday 9th November 10am

CALL TO ACTION: EMBARGO Monday 9th November 10am

CALL TO ACTION: EMBARGO Monday 9th November 10am

#DearBoris #ProtectMusicSaveCulture

We need your voice. #LetUsDance will be heard in parliament on Monday 9th November. As we can't all physically be there to support, we are arranging a #DearBoris virtual protest on Monday 9th November at 10am where we want to flood social feeds with our stories and tag @BorisJohnson. We need to hear from both industry professionals and music lovers who stand to lose their livelihoods, or their future culture. 

This is an urgent call for everyone in the nightlife and events ecosystem. We need you to let the government know what you stand to lose culturally or economically from the ongoing shutdown of nightlife and events. The government needs to hear our stories. Whether you have been directly affected, or this has affected your friends/family, favourite venues or events, it's time to speak up!


  1. Head to and write your message 

Please note this may take 5-10 minutes to come through to the gallery, so please be patient. 

  1. Save your digital asset and share it on your socials using #DearBoris 

#ProtectMusicSaveCulture on Monday 9th November, 10am.

  1. We'll be using all of the stories uploaded with #DearBoris #ProtectMusicSaveCulture to continue the virtual protest. Details coming soon.
  2. Share and spread the word!

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